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[Do you think that, inter alia, party organizations, it is something else ... You think prominent of these organizations is something different ... Do you think that you, their followers / victims, something the difference ... - editor]


Cabaret - Education employee



I would recommend Polish movie Fri: AWAKENING” - drama cybernetic - mystic



Just because someone b controlled media appearances , does not mean that it is competent in anything else !

Just because someone is able to get , keep , exercise authority does not mean to have the competence to constructive governance , that is not the same as the ability to make positive / right decisions , with the ability of setting , achieving positive goals , excellence , for it is often quite the opposite !
Just because someone can not get , is not approved , there is no possibility of exercising power , does not mean that it can not adequately / positive / competently govern, only that the system is prodestrukcyjny , including its beneficiaries , the media , the governed do not allow the victims of competent people to govern !

The ability to acquire , collecting a large amount of money is not the same as a positive contribution , excellence , for it is often quite the opposite !

The fact that a particular message receive millions of buyers is not identical with its reliability, meaningfulness , value ! Dealing with the received message by millions of customers does not mean that these people are honest , reliable, trustworthy , competent !

Etc. , etc. !

No parties / political organizations ( As someone involved in media appearances , belongs to the Party , which means that it is suitable for governance - the point of view of the viewer's side , voters ... he should be the position - the point of view of the members of the Party ... ) , not religious organizations ( They're " more knowledge , teach , preach , provide a service , they have contacts with the deity , in his special considerations , opportunities, something in him arrange, etc. " - because I say - the point of view of the victims of the members of the org. religious ... ) , no political , religious actors, not faith in batches , in a deity , the actors, the populist , utopian solutions , not directing someone's personality, emotions , imitation , herd instinct , the voice of the majority ( please take into account the FACT that individuals or small groups of people make revolutionary discoveries in all fields / it turns out that they have a RIGHT , not a weight / most / by voting ... ! ) , economic , economic , political, religious fabrications , propaganda , not greed , selfishness , myopia , destrukcjonizm , not wishful thinking , not - in practice - directed against humanity , nature / Life on Earth overpopulation, degeneracjonizm pseudo charity , expansionism , not displaying the message, and ultimately synchronize with their their minds , psyches , listen to them , to their subordination , individuals mentally handicapped , mentally retarded , abnormal , including the insane , corrupt , perverted , unnatural , brain-dead , psychopathic , destructive , anti-human , including antisocial , not exposing oneself to littering , poisoning minds , damaging , impairing psyches message from the public media , proreligijnym brainwashing and do not achieve the effect negatywych avalanches !
Only - reasonably indisputable - Natural / Basic / Parent rights are subordinated effective solutions , including security , properly typed / appropriate individuals , including their controls , including on the basis of natural / basic / masters right !



Just because something is not banned does not mean it is good, good, positive, normal, correct, right, in the applied solution. Among the swarm of examples on this confirmation, as evidenced by the daily legislative work, give three:

- In the Middle Ages acted so. holy inquisition. As a result of the activities of millions of people were imprisoned, tortured, robbed, murdered! Millions more people being made mentally handicapped individuals, mentally deficient, abnormal, including insane! In such conditions, it's been up for several centuries, to come to their senses and formally banned the extremely abnormal, harmful, anti-human, including antisocial, destructive activities ... But on proreligijnie littering, poisoning the minds, muddles, damages, impairs the psyche, including addictive , robs, extorts; warps, twists, plunging into the individual, society, the state ...!


- Centuries ago, a small handful of people began to nicotine and other poison. It makes it more than a billion people! And in this result, billions of people have been born and billions more will be born weak mentally, physically, sickly, sick, predisposed to poisoning is falling into addictions, mental retarded, mentally retarded, retarded, psychopathic children, they lose money, health spending will wielobilionowe , loss, lose a life! And in this case, the need was not until several centuries, in addition, only few effectively limit the dealings of learning, poisoning.


- "Democracy leads to [ destructive ] dictatorship. " - Plato ( lived at the turn of the fifth and fourth centuries BC )
" Democracy is the rule of fools , is the worst possible regimes , because governments are hyenas on the donkeys . " - Aristotle (born 384 BC , died . 324 BC)
"Fools are always and everywhere a huge majority, democracy is the basis for most of it. " *
In this system, decide not rational - not contested by anyone merits - arguments , only the result of the vote directly , indirectly bribed , emotionally , mentally limited , thoughtless , selfish , irresponsible , retarded , psychopathic , most destructive , including representing the interests of the clerical caste , mining , agricultural , religious, party , financiers , bankers , industrialists , millionaires , billionaires , billionaires ... voters , both voters and elect need not be and are not competent, do not have anything substantive and positive whole does not justify the chosen ones do not bear direct consequences vote for harmful , bad solutions and do not need to be , are not and are not motivated to constructivism , on the contrary - they have the motivation , and often even compulsion to destrukcjonizmu ...
* The fools who democracies vote , elect , participate in referenda , including their sub-groups , such as nicotine , the drug , alcohol, a sexual degenerates ( so they should also decide about the legal , educational , social degeneracjonizmu , prices poisons ... ) Another subgroup is ... religious zombies (which in democracies should decide about the legal , educational , social, religious , funding the members of the org. religious ... ) ... etc. , etc. , including the need to add yet psychopathic individuals , abnormal , including the insane , irrational , retarded , depraved , perverted , unnatural , destructive , devastating and otherwise , in other areas ...

Here is a picture of the state , the level of intellectual people , hence the legal status , which refer to individuals mentally handicapped , mentally retarded , harmful, destructive , retarded , psychopathic - because something is not prohibited ... YET !

Ninety percent of the people only a few repeated circulation of content , no matter how they are absurd , illogical , abnormal , prodestrukcyjne / not only comprehensively and correctly , but did not consider and on this basis is not requested , and yet are absolutely convinced of their equitable and will they / stagnant / only right situation to defend ... !
If anyone wants to see this, it can paste in browser " their" thoughts , and see how many millions of times are duplicated among others the internet ...



- Breathe in what we consider to be appropriate (including blown by us nicotine poison gases from car exhaust pipes , chimneys ) !
- Drink and eat what we consider to be appropriate (and therefore tainted products , stuffed with chemistry, genetically modified ) !
- Listen to , watch ; receive what we consider to be appropriate and so many millions of times over and over again , as many years as we consider appropriate (including visual , audible so . Advertising, powtarzactwo , including the names , frequencies of radio stations , programs , slogans ) !
- Agree that we will instill your children the perception of reality ( in this regard współfunkcjonowania in society , economics, economy , politics, religion , logic , ethics ), what suits us !
- Have a state of mind , the psyche , the health of which we consider to be appropriate - that is like the worst and getting worse !
- Choose only those politicians whom we consider to be appropriate !
- Exist in the system, to live in such conditions, socio -political- economic- business , which we consider to be appropriate, we create - that is the worst and getting worse !
- Agree that we have every right, right , and you do not have any !
- Accept the fact that we decide what " wants " the majority , and the majority wants what we want !
- Listen to the public media only that you live in a positive freedom , normal , just normal , possible , equitable conditions !
- Accept the fact that if something does not suit you , and only you are opposed to something , it means that you are abnormal , mentally ill , dangerous for the environment , bad (and only would happen if you undertake some counter ... ! ) !
- Take the example of the immense majority :
   - Thought , presenting the case, follow the other way around ,
   - Pollution, toxic self, others , and then as you can , including the so-called . commercials, transmission of radio, television, nicotine , alcohol, drugs , chemical agents on the growth of muscle , so-called . drugs , harmful and toxic after cooking food ,
   - Directly , at least indirectly harm , destroy ; plunges (or at least to agree with this ) - then you will : unpunished , considered normal , prosper !



WHAT IS , IS only right ! , BUT IS STILL underdeveloped ...
" But in a few years will be better! " ...
Declaration of Independence of the United States, 1776, " Experience and also showed that people tend to suffer any evil that is intolerable, than to right themselves by the annihilation of the forms to which they are accustomed . "
That will almost arbitrarily bad situation of positive change , because change would require not only thinking - what it is capable of a small part , and even fewer of them take part of that , but it still analyzing - and this is on the borderline of fantasy for the immense majority, and where there still hope for proper inference ... Well , now science fiction - constructive action ... And now a fairy tale fantasy - achieving positive goals ... Well, the recipe for realization of utopias , the destructive dictatorship , destruction ready : grab for power and reap the profits - and it all (no one will in no way interfere with ) ...
Everything will be just right, only underdeveloped , so you should just " more to do what is ", and probably would be better (for example, in a democracy , folks muszom mnieć wince to powidzenia ! In countries dominated by dictators , you have even more subordinate dictators , because enemies just waiting to attack on the disobedient benefactor , savior , undisciplined subjects ! your overrun by religious organizations / religious , must be even more dominated by members of religious organizations / religious , because then the deity for a reward ! Etc. ..) ...

The cause of non-thinking , submit to any bad situation include : laziness , which is manifested , among others, directing the primitive instinct - imitation , which element is to synchronize your mind with the minds of other members of the herd , which provides Peacefulness , self acceptance , unity, safety, comfort (hence the preference for receiving, ordered , controlled and implemented by psychopaths / ki , morons / ki , transmission of radio, television (including even listening to information garbage, poisons , including debilno - baranio - psychopathic voice leading , thousands of times the program names , slogans , so-called . ads, tens of thousand . times of station names , their frequency - " only " pa ... ) - you do not need to go anywhere , yet you can synchronize . Other examples are smoking , alcoholism , drug addiction, pill addiction , nutritional degeneractwo , tatuażomania , kolczykomania , religion , belief system , the politicians , the parties , the manipulation of herd by SURVEY ) ; mindless comfort: what to think , let alone more , let alone even more, and that would have been even more , since just a simple rule : the majority is right - and so I do what most : I do not think there I understand , do not act at all let , I adapt to , and still have a chance at prosperity ...


To make matters worse , not only in the political system , the ruling beneficiaries ( those are not dawned chance, incompetent people , guys , specializing in media appearances , in acting cwaniacy , etc. ; destruktorzy , just only obeyed ! , Łumniejoncy ! , Potrafioncy ! , Siem znajoncy ! , as appearing in the media , in addition, as the leader of the herd !) , the situation, but in everyday matters , almost all the time coincidence is only right and try to change anything , let alone a higher format constructivism are " proof of stupidity , abnormality , disease ", this is taking and will meet not only misunderstood , but even with the opposition , anti- normality ... Well, I think that this at once would like most , and that just would be good , not a coincidence favorable circumstances it would be better ...

And such people are convinced that they know everything that they have reason , and take the criticism , diagnosis , including the " stupidity , abnormality , disease " and " treatment " abstainers ( " Everything is for the people ! In life you have to try everything ! Once the alive! Try it! And what , you ring ... you do not want ? But on his sick brain! " ) , atheists ( " You have to believe in something! And what you have created cats ( hyyy ) ! " ) , rationalists ( "You are haunted ! prefer it to be 10 times worse than he was supposed to be the way you want rationalists ! only increasing the GDP , create jobs msc , let multiplies who wants - it's his business! " constructivists ( " and I got there everyone and everything in d ..! and the ch ... you may constructivism ? worry about yourself!" ) ...

What is the moral of this situation in the political for those who would like to do something positive.
You have to rely on instinct herd - have dominated the media, SURVEY , use propaganda : the ladies ! , Provide ! , Good ! Work ! , Money! , Cars ! , Apartment! , Houses! , Wealth ! , Cheap! , For free , for all those who support us !
And " they " are only in the circle of World War II, repeated : " In a few years there will be prosperity ! And that the enemies are not! But in a few years there will be prosperity ! And that the enemies are not! But just a few years ... " .



This is not arbitrarily, the oldest, best-educated, wealthiest, most often occurring in the media, most active, najreligijniejsi, the highest-ranking church hierarchs, screaming the loudest, most frequently cited, the most interesting, most pleasant speaking, elected by a majority, supported by most, popular, same majority occupying important, the most important positions are right, but only those who are right! And the best would be if even this whole show, and the media to disseminate it!

And such a well-known example of this assertion is, for example, Copernicus!

So none of the existing systems, there is no justification SOUND! A purely rational system is able to meet this constructive task!



Absolutely , unquestionably only right , only possible / impossible to change ideologies , doctrines , systems of values: social, political , economic, business , which ensure justice, equality , morality , security, order , order, good, etc. , etc. .. :
Cannibalism yes! Discrepancies No!
Slavery so ! Discrepancies No!
Patriarchy ( exposure to power oldest lineage ) yes ! Discrepancies No!
Monarchy so ! Discrepancies No! ( For supporters of the monarchy. So just to appoint the president king, prime minister Marshal manor , etc., and will have normal, well ... )
Feudalism so ! Discrepancies No!
Clericalism so ! Discrepancies No!
Islamism yes! Discrepancies No!
Fascism yes! Discrepancies No!
Capitalism yes! Discrepancies No!
Communism so ! Discrepancies No!
Socialism yes! Discrepancies No!
Capitalism yes! Discrepancies No!
Consumerism yes! Discrepancies No!
Democracy yes! Discrepancies No!
Degeneracjonizm so ! Discrepancies No!
Overcrowding yes! Discrepancies No!
Expansionism so ! Discrepancies No!
Zagładyzm so ! Discrepancies No!
Faith in the only current validity / not thinking , not understanding that! Discrepancies No!
Absurdalizm so ! Discrepancies No!
Utopianism that! Discrepancies No!
Destrukcjonizm so ! Discrepancies No!

Normalizm / rationalism NO! Because NO!



About taxing SYSTEMS utopian / abnormal / destructive ...
Cast: Tax Office (UP) and the taxpayer (p).
UP: Do you care about your P. and their children's health, such as they are abstinent and P. and P. opposed to spending money on degenerates ? Q: Yes. UP: Well, we tax P. for treatment and maintenance on a pension alcoholics, nikotynowców , drug addicts , polydrug abusers , a toxic chemical agents , such as muscle growth , harmful and toxic after cooking food and their children !

UP : Is P. opposed to keeping animals passively , actively , including the morons , psychopaths , people abnormal , sick , including the insane , harmful to annuities , pensions , harmed as long as possible ? Q: Yes. So we tax P. on their maintenance , harmed as long as possible !

UP: Do you support P. negative procreation , which degenerated our species , which is the root cause of problems , losses, damages , misfortunes , tragedies , atrocities ! destruction , including self-destruction ? Q: I do not . UP: Well, we tax P. to support negative procreation , including individuals that is involved , and include degenerates , people with disabilities, abnormal , patients with genetic defects !

UP: P. Would be taxed to support the people of valuable , constructive , outstanding to positively exploit their potential to encourage such activities are the others? Q: Yes. Well, for such a purpose P. not we tax !

UP : Is P. atheist and anticlerical ? Q: Yes. UP: Well, we tax to pay P. catechists in schools, chaplains in the military, church fund and other levies , privileges , etc. for members of Catholic religious organization !

UP : Is P. opposed to costs for investigations , hearings and maintenance of prisoners ? Q: Yes. So we tax P. to bear the costs of investigations, hearings and keeping prisoners !

UP : Is P. opposed to the creation and functioning of political parties ? Q: Yes. UP: Well, we tax P. to subsidize political parties !

UP : Is P. opposed to incurring the cost of unnecessary red tape ? Q: Yes. UP: Well, we tax P. on maintaining unnecessary red tape !

UP : Is P. opposed to subsidizing coal mining and combustion for energy transport ? Q: Yes. UP: Well, we tax P. to subsidize coal mining for energy and transport combustion !

UP : Is P. opposed to incurring the cost of production, building ephemeral things , unnecessary , harmful ? Q: Yes. UP: Well, we tax P. to bear these costs !

UP : Is P. opposed wpłacaniu 2 times more to the EU budget than us then return it ? Q: Yes. UP: Well, we tax P. on those payments !

UP : Is P. absolutely opposed compulsion to receive any wherever and whenever called . advertising and absolutely never and nowhere do not want them to receive P. ? Q: Yes. UP: Well, then 5% of what P. pay for the services, goods will be spent by the company on coercion , including P. , called reception . Ads!

UP: Do you have a P. influence on the formation of debts at the time of P. grandfather , grandfather , father, when there were no P. in the world? Q: I do not . UP: Well, we tax P. on repaying these debts , or at least interest them !

Etc., etc. ..

For rational include such things are impossible !





The purpose of the meeting nationally-folk is a progressive / mild systemic transformation, in order to introduce a rational system and, therefore, based, at least in the initial period, and at least in part, on the current composition of the Polish parliament, and the previously existing procedure.



What we would have differed from the human cattle, if he succumbed to the realization of utopia, dealing with destruction, including destruction / self-destruction ... and we have not only the right but the duty to protect life, including self-defense, not only to protect the health, in the psyche, mind, including intellect, but also to the positive development and to ensure that such prospects! We are only committed to the overall presentation, demonstration, but without waiting to understand (because in most cases it will not happen; constructivism raise objections abnormal, including the insane in the state, including proreligijnego, zombies, mentally handicapped, mentally retarded, brain-dead, psychopathic, corrupt, perverted, unnatural, ethically handicapped, destructive, including self-destructive individuals).



Each right, useful citizen has the right, among others, to:
- Not receiving unwanted, in any form, in any way, in any public msu, media!
- The full, in the normal way, hassle-free, stress-free, the use of shared public spaces, including to freedom of movement, work, shopping, use of services, entertainment, leisure, using the means of communication, information sources!
- Health, life, positive development, including physical, and hence the physical, mental, and hence the intellectual!

Supplementing the above
No one is allowed in any way, in any way harm people, including damaging their bodies, psyche, mind, intellect!



Unchangeable / ETERNAL / BASIC LAW
Rights , privileges , including access to resources depend only on the potential contribution to the common good , so when they are negative , then the individual has no rights , privileges , and thus access to resources !

Everything , and so the state units , the situation of societies , the environment , wildlife, resource / Nature must be getting better condition. Thus, legal regulations , behavior, behavior , actions must be justified logically , depth , and so , indeed, ethically , and therefore foresight , ie at the same time responsibly. So do not be guided by emotions , imitation , herd instinct , the voice of the majority, utopian , including religious dogmas / fabrications , risk , expose without the highest degree absolutely necessary and reasonably necessary So do not allow people to multiply disadvantaged , harmful potential, hypertrophy of the population * , injure , destroy, distort , pervert , degenerate , clutter , poison the minds damaged psyches ; harm health , contribute to the damage, adverse changes in the genes , lower potentials ; degenerate ; plunge .

Anyone who violates any part of the Universal Law / Master ( DFP ) is removed from under any law , that is also regardless of their position , having immunity , normalize International , etc. , and everyone has not only the right but the duty to take all commensurate , effective - effective - action , in order to complete violation of DFP , and others are required to submit to this end all necessary support , assistance. For an indication of breaking the law DFP , for bringing to completion of violations of this law , including the granting of support, assistance, a high reward and honor . Breaking the law is PUN , respectively , a crime against nature , humanity / Nature and subject to najsurowszemu adjudged by the appropriate legal authority .

* The size of the human population can not be more than 300 million people !

Based on this law , it will be difficult legally injure , destroy , sink , including the achievement of utopia , deal with destruction.
" Good " ...
We deeply religious person ordain cut throats infidels ( atheists , thinkers , rationalists , researchers , scientists ) , because it requires our Scriptures , and therefore it is right and reasonable conduct is good! So you have to stay alive only scammers posing as religious people mentally handicapped , mentally retarded , abnormal , including the insane , idiots and psychopaths ...

The study reveals the faith , exposes its proponents , distracts from the faith - and so is evil ! Thus, the struggle with the knowledge , science is the duty of the people of true believers ! Because religion promotes ignorance , exploitation , the emergence of believers by psychopaths and cooperating with them morons , and so it is good ..

Scripture commands to care for the sick , the handicapped , retarded - physically and mentally abnormal , including the insane , who , fortunately, the former numerous and multitude reproduce . And since this is done at the expense of people of normal , healthy, intelligent , useful , who are starving , dying of hunger , the wars for resources , because of contamination , infection , etc. , etc. - thanks to the sick , the handicapped , retarded - physically and mentally abnormal , including the insane , the share of the former in the population continues to grow , and the latter has been steadily decreasing ... and because Scripture calls it doing good , do it, it is good ...

Etc., etc. ..
Good is a relative term and too general - in the name , and instilled in your way , good acted in the medieval church , and further uses , sinks , not so long ago , Hitler , Stalin ...
Hence the need for specific indications !



If someone does wrong, and this is in accordance with the law, this means that the law is flawed because it allows you harm , so it should be treated as non-binding !
The primary law is to ensure the welfare of the State of the Nation, and legal regulations are subordinate to the former, and in the event of a conflict between them , legal regulations can not be observed in such situations and need to be changed , and all the time overriding priority is always right !

Those who create , use of defective laws (including system , system ) that allows individuals incompetent governance , harmful , destructive , support individuals incompetent , harmful, destructive , pursuing utopias , deal with destruction , do not respond to the lists , do not support people constructive , their initiatives , work to the detriment of the State of the Nation commit crimes - committed by national betrayal !

Caring for the greatest quality , including our species , and the best , including the biological point of view , living conditions, including successive generations , is the highest law !

Regimes in which power come psychopaths , morons , which is realized utopia , destruction , deserve only eternal banning (or already arrived , who are supporters of such systems ... ) !

We need to achieve normality in the world ( there is no alternative / there is no greater obligation to conscious beings . There is no other purpose for my existence ) !
The political system will be effective only if it will not be based on faith in him, and only on effective solutions ( so if anyone in arguments contain messages such as : "I believe in democracy, the people ... By faith in God ... "then you can donate the rest ... ) .
A system in which decisions are indisputable : logic , depth , and so , indeed, ethical , or as far-sighted , and so after a comprehensive analysis of such reasoning , this demonstration is indisputable !
[ Of course, this conclusion is not based on faith in the system , in some people, but its logically demonstrated effects , including appropriate actions right people , which is subject to the fulfillment of the relevant conditions (...) . ]



Regarding demonstrations , protests , pickets , marches , letters , petitions , appeals , proposals , lists , unaocznień , etc. , etc. to members of governing ; expectations from them constructivism
Since when do you expect from destrukcjonistów constructivism , from morons understanding of psychopaths proludzkich activities , prosocial ...
They - respectively do not understand , do not want , can not , can not be achieved , not when it got there is ... , the system excludes actions in the interests of the citizens ... Citizens do not understand , do not want a really constructive solutions , so even if the rulers wanted them to enter, the weight will be the opposite opinion ... End / dot !
Therefore needed and effective solutions to this situation !
Effective solutions: www.racjonalnyrzad.pl
Is the country substantively respond to muczące cattle in the pasture ...

Do not waste time , creativity , enthusiasm , strength on fruitless activities !
If the purpose of the meeting is curtailing destruction , and not replacing some destructors on the other , it lets us call this meeting and the highest -ranking official character by recognizing it , after a positive vote , gathering national and folk . Then I suggest you hold elections for the representatives of the congregation. Then the vote to dismiss the government's banning of the Sejm . Then you can have a vote on the introduction of a rational system of socio- politico -economic development.

Appeal to the organizers and participants of all meetings of a political nature
Regarding :
- Mechanical and verbal nonsense making noise of its participants ,
- Merytoryczności , efficiency.

People are different, and at least part of muczącego cattle on pasture ( and cattle Moos , because it is his speech . People can communicate in a more efficient manner ) ...
Besides, no one , neither the recipients nor the consignor, or the person from the environment (eg living there ) do not respond positively to any making noise (including trumpets , firecrackers , screams , cries ) , and anyone does not like it , so all this scare ...
Among others for such projects should be prepared comprehensively considered, analyzed , prepared, demonstrated - by anyone factually , logically not contested - solutions (and not beg , scare , blackmail ) , which should be before and at the end also msu present to the public ! - Include They will be an asset.
If all else fails - and this is another argument , it must take effective , including power action !
But most important are the holistic system solutions (eg in a democracy problems will " resolve to " forever!) , Which also need after exhausting other possibilities , effectively , and so forcibly enter !

So : silence, peace , culture, seriousness, merytoryczność , competency , accountability, efficiency !



Effective solutions:

Constructive dictatorships / ORDER OF REASONABLY
Anyone can submit a project , and everyone can undermine a public forum on government- folk .
This is something that was NEVER ( for obvious reasons - because I always govern , and to stop , psychopaths and their helpers morons ) used , namely constructive dictatorship based on comprehensive , not undermined substantive arguments. A challenge in the proposals can - but only merits - each ! - This is a double protection : you whole, or in depth , and so , indeed, ethically , including foresight shown to prove the validity of the proposal , and only when none of the substance does not undermine - the second security becomes a decision based on which shall be action. And so it decides it driven by emotions , not acting selfishly , myopically , without thinking , is not determined in the voice of the majority , castes , such as mining , agricultural , religious, business groups, wealthy people financially , etc. , etc., do not it is realized utopia !

Even otherwise :
What is the realization of the assumptions of rational system / what is constructive dictatorship (ie the opposite of the present : the destructive - based on the rule of financiers , bankers , industrialists , politicians cooperating with them , including with the help of bribed , subordinated , dominated by their media, destructive , plunge , versatile destructors ) .
In a nutshell :
- So in such a system is decided solely by - essentially not contested - the rational arguments that can provide even one and that any person , not a vote ;
- Do not injure , destroy, degenerate , plunge nature, environment , resources, people, including future generations , to realize utopia , on the contrary - not only make a positive investment, so you need to act , to act constructively ONLY , ie achieve positive goals , including , comprehensively improve our species , and so the situation on Earth is to be , thoroughly , getting better and better !

I present briefly , as it is factually possible , they should run a professional, and therefore possibly most preferably , elections for councilor , deputy , senator , minister , member of the government , and other functions , positions .
For example, politicians on the main page of the Sejm website need to link to the world forum where after registration of every citizen of the Republic may , after completing the appropriate form , which information will be public ( so that everyone can compare the level of competencies of candidates ) , declare his candidacy .
Candidates must demonstrate their best skills (and not religiosity , any financial abundance , friendships among politicians , financiers , bankers , industrialists , media , directed media personality, media , including actors' skills , the ability to manipulate the recipients of the message, use a no-brainer , misunderstanding , not become familiar with the program , and if it did, his overall inability to think , analyze , infer , managing emotions , faith , imitation , herd instinct - manipulated irresponsible / incompetent most / so . voters , etc. ) , providing for open access to the designated forum is showing appropriate materials documenting , proving .
After successful verification of the best offers independent (never belonged nowhere , no one shall, from anyone outside society , they are not financially dependent ) , competent , consisting of professionals from the respective fields of the election commission shall personally , openly, in a factually established, justified, documented, proven , which is not disputed by anyone merits the selection of candidates for the respective positions . And their choice becomes final after 3 months , during which can be made only justifiable , claims , complaints , counterproposals .
The members of the bear severe consequences not only make the wrong one, but even nienajlepszego choose from, including the loss of positions , been tried for acting against the state ( treason ) !
During the term of office of each potent - essentially - to undermine the powers of the elect , if that finding is founded, on the basis of which is not disputed even one voice of civil , must be removed from the position of a person unfit to perform the task, or when someone else has a better predisposition .
Members of the election commission elect independent , with the appropriate profile institutions , universities , including psychological , economic, political , including based on the verification tests include independence of their minds sufficiently high intellect , the type and level of knowledge , the ability to comprehensive and, therefore, profoundly , that is, in fact , ethical , that is also far-sighted thinking , analysis, inference , etc.


Thus :
- Really any competent citizen can lodge his candidature / pre- candidate ,
- No :
   - Emotional , so absurd . campaign and related expenses,
   - Expensive , based on emotions , herd instinct , faith , tampering , stupefied , bribing , placing a bet , subordination , mastering the media, Parliament , utopian pseudo ,
   - The so-called betting positions . his men ,
   - Of anyone's hand, incompetence,
   - Of anyone's hand irresponsibility / impunity ,
   - Waiting for the end of term , when it is known that the chosen one is not suitable ,
- , Etc. , etc.

Do not:
- Create an organization (party) political (because their members deal with their own interests , and as part of this collaboration with the world of business , finance, engaged in corrupt , of placing his people , mastering , the subordination of state structures , including the media, banks, businesses, all levels of government , administration, prosecutor's offices , courts ) ,
- Present politicians in the media ( whether such bills are prepared , and the same Act adopts the TV studio , radio ... Is the discussions before the audience , the audience , the same assumption can be sincere ... Are politicians do not have a place to discuss, work ... is dealing with performances by engaging in it , programming it , mind, devoting the time , creativity , energy , the so-called . policies becomes kompetentniejszy (and yet the more there is , the masses it seems that the more competent, and not vice versa ) . citizens do not have to have a feel for politicians , such as the actors, and therefore appropriate ... memories, sentiments , expectations) ...
- Lead the campaign on television, radio , in public msh (eg using tables so . Advertising ) ( the outcome of the election does not have to decide : limited to receiving what they suggested to the media , laziness citizens, their emotions , recognition candidate irrational , but emotional public pressure ) ,
- To spend on it anyone's , including your own money ( about the outcome of the election does not have to decide money)
- Carry out surveys ( about the election result, there is no pressure to decide the majority (in addition resulted in the addition of controlled herd instinct ) ) .

For zmilczanie eminent persons , for preventing a vote for his not going public - in the case of substantial , reliable, comprehensively analyzed , reported / rational arguments - correspond as for treason . Public msm to present such arguments should be government- popular Internet forum where government , any other person represents a whole demonstrated proposals , and ANYONE can be - essentially - to undermine .

For ignoring substantive counter-arguments for ignoring rational projects for harmful actions correspond as for treason .

* Betrayal of national = (usually ) the gallows .

Another safety feature is the public status and overt identification number .

All people must be in a prominent MSU IDs identification number (equivalent license plates in the car ) - tag with an electronic chip ( allows scanning include identification nu ) . Identifiers would be equipped with a display and a receiver that always showed the current status, to avoid having to replace the badges . This forces a more honest and less cumbersome procedure ( for example, you can send data to the bank inf . Among others poisonous other nikotynowcach , constraining people to listen to the radio chatter musical sounds from headphones, ciamkania , shooting chewing gum , disruptive psiarzach etc. ) , and facilitate the work of the police , etc. services (eg increase the effectiveness of their activities, including the identification rate , making the recording to your computer , finding criminals , reduce crime , costs of investigation ) .

Each badge holder also having a code ( electronic element nu dispatcher asks for the identification and receiving inf . Placed in a steel blinded the back of the tube) , with a range of several meters scanner function and write code to send the recorded data to other people - witnesses .

Only people with status : average useful, valuable potential above-average useful, very useful, outstanding may apply for important functions , addressing public positions .



People with status : " outstanding " should have background identification number indigo , "very useful " - the top half of indigo , and violet bottom , " useful " in purple » valuable potential " green , " average useful " light gray , " average unprofitable " in dark gray , " harmful passively " in black, " actively harmful " - the top half in black and the bottom in red, » b harmful " in red (in each case letters should be white ) .

Individuals status : actively harmful / a , b harmful / a ( psycho / ka, moron / ka , handicapped / a psychologically damaged psyche of sick / a , warped / a mentally infected / and HIV / HCV , geeks / ka-nikotynowiec/ówka / , drug addict / ka / alcoholic / coma, pedophile / ka , cheater / ka , the thief / ka ) must, at the request of a person with the status : outstanding, useful b / a , useful / a , valuable potential , the average useful, leave her company , the mse , stay away , not interested in . They must also , according to his conduct , status , impact effects , have non- spozierania eye on other people, etc.

On the portal: www.jawnystatus.pl everyone can familiarize yourself with the basic data of all citizens according to their nu identification , and put there - explicitly , or by entering your identification number - your opinion, information about a person after completing there a standard , transparent electronic form , with the option to attach photos, audio recordings and , preferred film . You must also be able to send notifications from your phone: SMS , MMS esem . People harmful, violate norms of social coexistence , the law , including would lose the right to protection of personal data , its image .

Who would be against this : those useful , constructive , outstanding, positively highlighted that promoted , bearing its badge with pride, whether individuals parasitic harmful , disruptive (ie, not only the positive contribution of the applicant , but still absorbing the effects of the work of others ; immersing people society , country) ( so what should have to say ) ...

Political movements , for, portals merge , setting triggering , etc. were and are a dime a dozen ( some quit , others start ) - it takes years , and they are getting on, and no closer to achieving the ...
The moral ? - It is impossible to determine the details , because everyone will have different expectations ! I represented the rules / law , which should be followed during the presentation , making , approving, implementing decisions - if the rules / laws are well prepared, it may sit in parliament fascists , Jews, and whatever else , and still not be able to harm , for it will have to implement presented by anyone - not contested merits / constructive - ideas , proposals / projects , or immediately go to court ! But just in case the security presented to the government is not getting the destruktorzy .
So it is essential that these rules / laws introduced and strictly follow !
26.01.2013 r
It is counted in each other, devoted to this file , approximately 30- pages of such sites ( and do not know all , and the data is pre approximately 1-2 years old) - the movement dies there , not growing ...




Jan Kochanowski (1530-1584 onwards) : "Pole buy a new proverb - before the injury and after the injury stupid" ...
I wonder if the next 5 centuries on it will be up to date ...

There is , beyond destructive dictatorship , as inefficient system as a system in which the masses have an impact on the decisions made, as evidenced by the rapidly growing number and scale of the problems ...


What kind of rulers such effects , including those in power , ruled ...
Who they are, accepting , and opposed to constructive change , ruled ...

So whether you finally realized that neither some of you - the so-called . "They", or you are free from "them " you can not make a decision within the REALITIES of quality , environmental , natural, economic, health , economic ... , that you become as a result of the degeneration of the mental , psychological increasingly disruptive ... , free ... by Nature's resources , health, independence from others, including bankers , doctors ...
That decision must include ALL REALITY , and not rely on the implementation imitated , implanted , utopian dogma (eg, what good , normal , beautiful , sublime , noble , normal is degenerowaniu our species , including the birth of morons , psychopaths , crippled , handicapped , abnormal , sick , ugly animals ; deviants , destructors , destroyers , hypertrophy of our species , robbing , reworking so . raw materials and other resources for rubbish, caused by degeneration -contamination , poisoning, overcrowding , starvation as a result of ethnic fighting , conflict, diseases, wars , without any , or as a result of adverse selection death ... ) ...

Commonly incomprehensible obvious.
That's what brings damage , contributes to evil is - obviously for people with normal working mind - bad . What benefits , contributes to the well is - obviously for people with normal working mind - good.
Conclusion: since it is well and in every respect abnormally bad, ie that act abnormally , wrong, in this case named vice versa.

The masses are what they , directly , indirectly , was formed . People are well aware of the tray , which they shaped the people aware . People are so prominent as themselves shaped .
A key cause of failures in constructivism is not taking part in it ...
But the destruction is always more willing than you need !
( I'm writing about it since 2000, and do it in many ways, without success ( in my example : payment within 11 years of my work were ( in 8 years ) : 100 zł , media support = 0, willingness to work with anyone's , including politicians , businessmen , media , pages = 0 ..) )
Why is it always , comprehensively wrong? Therefore , it is not how to be , it does not pay to be konstruktywnym.. . / Why it pays to be a person destructive (...) / or because it has been around forever , comprehensively , it is the other way around (...) . ..
What to do to be normal, getting better, right? Support , including financial , allow them action , encourage , reward (not impossible, to get discouraged , deterrent ) those who can do this, and get discouraged , punish for harm individuals who have brought , and it will continue to a bad situation (so no follow absurdly , on the contrary, utopian ) !
The activities are to be no populist , short-sighted , utopian , but overall analyzed , prepared, rational, effective!
Please discontinued poisonous television, radio and sectarians . And in this mse eat a healthy , positively shaping a constructive alternative :
My portals :
- www.wolnyswiat.pl - Letter independent ( there since 2000)
- www.racjonalnyrzad.pl - Constructive - by anyone factually , logically , ethically undisputed - an alternative to implement utopia harm , destruction , destruction , wallow : REASONABLY GOVERNMENT ,
- www.pzepr.pl - PROEKO - energy, transport - BUSINESS
- www.lcbw.pl - People Increasingly The better - to support the valuable people and their positive use,
- www.antyludzcy.pl - Videos and descriptions of such individuals , to their discipline ,
- www.jawnystatus.pl - ( in assuming ) publicly available collection of inf . potential public actions of all men , to positive selection to perform important functions in society , occupy important positions in the country.



Pole tekstowe:

































We have a high GDP , garbage, contaminated air , soil, water , sick people to treat and maintain long and " cooperating " with the lender zadłużającymi govern us receive our money - after all, it's obvious that this is normal , beneficial to implement the desired ...
It is the same situation with the clergy - his clients are holy pictures , crossed slats , cluttered minds poisoned , damaged , depend psyche, perverted , abnormal life, and clergy have their money , public land , real estate ...

Prokonsumpcyjne economy based on grants / loans / debt ...
For them, tax exemptions, direct , indirect , payments , returns , and the consequences for you , including health expenditures / expenses / long ...
GDP is even higher in economies prokonsumpcyjnych , the more you borrow , and the higher the GDP , the more you can borrow ...
PROKONSUMPCYJNE ECONOMY BASED ON debts incurred by the government , businesses, citizens, and then the money through consumerism (equivalent drug ) , go to the financiers , bankers , manufacturers , cooperating with them, the media and politicians , and the products , which very quickly become garbage from landfills ! And this production, consumption is also associated with the robbery of minerals and other resources -contamination , poisoning, environmental degradation , destruction of nature, of life on earth !
For something like this to be a gallows , and not wealth , prestige , admiration !


Pole tekstowe:





















GDP increase also created ( during the so-called . Borrowing , and thus of service ) ... / Play money , cash , for statistics, money , unnecessary expenses / services , shopping, and increased prices of products and services ...
In the extreme case , a country may have the highest GDP in the history of the world , despite not producing a single loaf of bread , but by taking a million exclusive ( gold-plated , diamond -encrusted ) coffins ...

Money is the use?
But it should not be about a transfer of money , under the pretext of meeting - imaginary , wmawianych - needs to collect money , but should satisfy , in a whole thoughtful , overcooked , implemented , rationally justifiable need to achieve positive results !

You should invest for the whole thought out , analyzed , direct and / or indirect benefits and not for increasing amounts of money.
So lends itself to an agreed percentage of the profits , while the other relates the benefits of business and not : what do I care what anyone does with my / the money ( if such produce any toxic chemicals , the so-called . Drugs , drugs, robs and contribute to the combustion of oil, coal , trees ) , as long as he gave me a loan + interest ...
And of course, bears all the actual costs of the - already largely discouraged to harm (eg petrol in this case would cost at least several hundred zł per liter). Another way to prevent the introduction szkodzeniu PERMITS / CONCESSION EKONOMICZNO-EKOLOGICZNO-ZDROWOTNO/ETYCZNYCH .








Pole tekstowe:





























It is because of psychopaths and their associates : morons distributed and fixed thinking, naming , procedure or vice versa , because it allows you to thrive , including reproduction of such individuals , as well as the destruction , elimination of individuals with high potential , high value , including mental .

- When reference is made to the negative examples , respectively , as standards to follow (for example, debt USA , Germany , that can be even more burden as they ... ) , to frighten examples ( elsewhere that is even worse in terms of standards of governance ... ) , after treatment with these examples as an alibi ...
- Ogłupianiu , tampering , liar , use , lapsing ,
- Creating , enhancing , replacing some problems next ,
- Achieving the negative effect of avalanches ,
- The enjoyment of :
   - Already from the very fact of a sexy to power,
   - The stupidity , gullibility of their victims , that they are effectively misleading, deceiving , it uses , plunges that naively waiting for his constructivism ,
   - The feeling of satisfaction , pride in his cleverness , his cunning, for his impunity , and that despite all that, they still have the perks of ...
- And one more thing . Very often pretend to be morons , psychopaths , people with disabilities, the mentally ill , that under the pretext of " misunderstanding " of the effects , the consequences of their behavior, conduct, actions , " abnormal " and thus provide each impunity , to meet , to carry out their anti-social , anti-human needs .. .

They are commonly in all governments , authorities .
They can convincingly promise , whatever you want their victims . For example, if you want the state to receive the million zł , it zagłosujcie us ! Marks the last year of the term of office , so the voters to ask about the 1 million zł for every citizen. And in response to hear that the opposition during the vote perversely decided against [ because they already " did not know " that the opposition to it does not agree ... ] uszczęśliwieniu [ huge debt ... ] countrymen ! But if we choose the state for a second term , we will change the constitution [ during the current term of office could not change it ... ] , so that the opposition could not destroy our work for the Nation ! Marks the last year of his second term . So voters again inquiring about the promised million for every citizen. And this opposition again stood in the way of happiness, and made it impossible to change the Constitution [ because they already " did not know " that the opposition to it does not agree ... ] to hate people! But if we choose the state for a third term , it will introduce , through our guidance , our MEPs , including due to the fact that some of them occupy high positions in the European Parliament , the corresponding changes in the constitution [ during the current term of office could not change it ... ] so that the opposition could not again stand in our way to achieving this memorable work ... And so you can pull , and it is , in the various combinations , pulled , indefinitely ...
And their victims do not reflect on or over , forever, not attaining the promises , nor the actual consequences , if it came to the implementation of these promises , nor of their reality ...
Then recognize the rationalist policy - after :
- The overall presentation of thoughtful , analyzed , reported constructive solutions , only insurance / pictorial reference is made to the positive examples as role models , as other cultural conditions , population , political , topographical , climatic , economic, business existing in other countries can not easily direct way to translate existing in their own country ,
- Truthfulness , including honesty ,
- Reducing , solving , problem prevention ,
- Achieving positive effect of avalanches ,
- The fact that the joy , satisfaction , pride felt only when they have reached / are the positive effects of actions .
Never has never given rule rationalists .
The purpose of living beings can not be accumulation of money , because it contributes to the formation and increasing problems , leading to a comprehensive destruction (not to be measured and sell / swap air, water , soil , wildlife / natural , life-giving / necessary resources for living beings contaminated dead , unfit for living areas , garbage , money ) !

How - emphatically / irrefutable - have shown : the people - always - ruled by psychopaths and their associates : morons , why are realized utopia , because only they can thrive , including satisfy their abnormal , destructive needs of such individuals . The result is a comprehensive mse destruction , negative selection , degeneration , destruction , including self-destruction . So RESPONSIBILITY conscious people is the defense of self, others , nature , life on Earth ! In each , the EFFECTIVE way ! So I call for such - in depth , and so , indeed, ethical , including far-sighted - action !
You can put it another way: the ruling psychopaths and their associates continue crafts and traditions of their ancestors engaged in torture , burning , destruction , plundering , mastering , subordination / elimination podporządkowujących not to constitute a threat to their interests , including having intellectual property, zasobowy , the human potential ... !

Co-workers, helpers governing destructors are not only with them directly , indirectly cooperating , including supporting their owners, media professionals , realizing their utopias , but also zmilczający constructive suggestions , persons eminent owners, media professionals and also those members of the public / citizens / voters , who do not support eminent persons , their projects , activities , and those who choose to so . governance destructors ... ! So such people are also guilty , complicit in the situation, and not just "they" ( "they" without them it would not do ! "They" had been supported people with a positive potential is not their perceived important positions , so they could not on such a scale harm ! ) ... !


Is increasingly being abnormally ... AND MORE ! - Increasingly dominate WORLD , SMALL , MEDIUM AND LARGE SCALE , RULE individuals ABNORMAL : Psychopaths AND COOPERATING WITH THEM morons ... !
What could have been znienormalnić znienormalnione : established and implemented regimes , including politics , elections, communications, education , education, science , the treatment of the psyche , mind , including intellect , agricultural production , nutrition, method and composition of the food , the presentation and implementation therapeutics , economics, management , production, procreation , assumptions and approach to the environment , wildlife, nature ! Even normality has been named and is treated as an abnormality ... ! These are the consequences of procreation , birth , creation of abnormal individuals , the sick, psychopathic , moron !

Psychopaths and their colleagues have already shown what they can do , to what state brought humanity , nature, the planet ... !
I suggest that now enable the people of quite opposite profile of the psyche , mind , namely Constructivists based on rational arguments projects !

It has mse positive development or degeneration , retrogression of our species ...
PURPOSE OF LIFE psychopaths / EK IS ( knowingly ) unsanctioned AND HOW TO HARM most comprehensive , plunges (including telling the direct victims , surrounded by that act rightly , well , they are right , and that their victims , including defending themselves , others are abnormal , guilty , bad , should cease to defend others , for it to heal , to ensure their impunity , manipulate , fool , gain approval , support , or to injure , and in this way ) ... !
PURPOSE OF LIFE morons / EK ACHIEVEMENT IS , FOR ANY PRICE , CAREER , SELF PROSPERITA (including equating to his , and even better , lowering her to even lower than their levels of the other , that is plunging . Co. provides loyalty , cooperation with psychopaths ) ... ! HERE IMPLEMENTING Utopia (including calls affairs vice versa) - ARE THEIR AUTHORS AND OF ... !
State of its malicious behavior , destructive conduct did not invent , but imitate , learn and disseminate it within the next ... !
People mentally crippled , mentally handicapped , sick , insane , in a conscious , unconscious , conscious , unconscious , directly , indirectly , explicitly , implicitly , lead to his condition , and sometimes worse than their own , others ( produced effects avalanches) ... !
Please pay attention to who and how it is activated , it seems , this is a powtarzactwem , makes sounds, noises, visual works , and what are the consequences - normal people , intelligent , ethical , or abnormal individuals , psychopathic , retarded .. . !
This is littering your mind , stressing the , annoy , abuse, harassment , harm , damage to the psyche ; genes ; reduction potential include people value , outstanding , including having an analytical mind , which is what pick analyze , and preventing full , and sometimes even elementary development of potentially outstanding individuals , resulting , widespread lack of understanding of even elementary matters , and as a result of this bear losses , expenses, we have problems , tragedies , atrocities !
Individuals deliberately destructive , unconsciously destructive ( nierozumiejącym even elementary things ) not only do not occupy positions to make decisions that affect others, but also to let in any way harmed others! Hence, it is necessary to include introduction of explicit status (...) .

Normal , positive , constructive , right , people TRANSMISSION , OTHER ACTIVITIES CAN BE USED TOWARDS THE POSITIVE EFFECTS . Mentally handicapped people , underdeveloped , maimed mentally abnormal , sick, harmful , destructive message, other activities used to achieve negative effects , harm , destruction .

The equivalent of humans in the animal world are bees, wasps , hornets ...
The human mind has a tendency to specialize , improvement, in the preferred direction - in line with what we perceive , what we think , what we do - respectively degeneration / development; destruction / constructivism .
Can you be healthy, happy in a sick , unhappy society ...


Rated ONLY AFTER effects (not on the basis of their position , appearance, declarations , intonation , msu , circumstances of expression; form , content of speech ) ... !

So, how are useful and malicious programs (often a mask , pretending useful ) , so they are , by analogy, useful , constructive , positive, and harmful , destructive, negative , psyche, mind , and , as a result , people. As malicious programs bring harm , yes, by analogy , malicious people cause losses. So you should , similarly to antivirus programs , barriers against malicious programs , activities, create a unit diagnosed , verifying , retaining the potential to most effectively determine who is who , protect , develop valuable people , restrict harmful activities of individuals harmful to discourage destruction , mobilize a positive development , contribution , advancement , including assigning the appropriate status , binding of respective capabilities , benefits , perks / limitations , sanctions, restrictions .
Psychopaths , debilom ; kanaliom ( PDK ) comes here to refer their own reproductive success (and not on the scale of operation in the genre , and so positive procreation ) , transfer their genes , so if anyone is conducive to this goal , it can also count on the support . And the other , which is competition , a threat to their own success , they must be destroyed ! And because it would cause the destruction of official opposition , so it is called helping , saving , doing good , etc , that is - AS IS (...) - the other way around ... !
So far, the rulers , their support , cooperating with them , cooperating : the owners and media professionals , industrialists , bankers - the beneficiaries , prosperous thanks to the existing situation : the implementation of utopia - do not want to be formally presented about them, due to their situation TRUTH : demonstrated their incompetence , harmfulness » prove pDK » be compromised " tongue lashing " to lose profits , opportunities to pursue your own harm , destruction , wallow ... !
Think about what is to / achieve positive or negative effects , good or evil : eg infecting germs , including sexually transmitted -contamination , poisoning, exposure of nicotine addiction , nicotine poisoning , directly encouraging the nicotine addiction , alcoholism , drug addiction , harmful cooking dishes , consuming harmful foods ( produce harmful food products ) , production , sales of chemicals on the growth of muscle , ineffective , harmful so . drugs , the so-called emission . ads powtarzactwo station name , program , forcing to listen to radio, television, the so-called . advertising , promoting gambling , sexual perversion , religion , asexuality , causing the issuance of annoying sounds, texts, noise (eg, vehicle- decybelo - imbeciles , jazgotaczy music , psiarzy ) , harassment eyes , zmilczanie the righteous , the positive high potential visibility , support , selecting individuals harmful indebtedness , the administration is not state of the environment , wildlife , resources, health situation , economic, level of intelligence , knowledge society , only the size of GDP , degenerated our species , etc., naming things the other way around , the proceedings on the contrary , to inculcate , realization of utopia ...
Nothing is absolute , temporarily , territorially assigned certain, permanent , inevitable ( they found the situation is the result of convolution of various , including incidental circumstances, including results from feeding to this - and the use of mental infirmity of the masses by the prosperous individuals including their expense ) , as evidenced by the tumultuous history of mankind.
Because TRWACZ are not able to comprehensive analysis , independent assessment of the situation , not only to generate constructive , and so comprehensively analyzed solution, but even those properly assess , so each found situations accept and consider it inevitable , necessary , legitimate , correct (eg system governance, governing , religion , its beneficiaries , so-called . advertising, responsible, addictions , degeneractwo ) , and since it is " inevitable , necessary, correct, correct " no you have to yourself and others is justified , just as he can, and so emotionally , utopian ( by repeating what is commonly said , inculcates ) , and attempts to change must be regarded as a symptom of abnormality , the desire to do evil , so you have to be doing the opposite ...
If they do not understand something , they can not be constructive , they are for themselves and other disruptive , well, apparently CAN NOT understand it , to create something better , so we all have the humility to bear the consequences of the existing situation ...
Crippled masses will , in part consciously , partly instinctively choose such a system , promote such ideas , in which it will be possible for them to individual prosperity and conditions to meet the needs of their pathological harm , as a result of the degeneration of our species to their competition , in including those with a high positive potential could not prevent them , inter alia, Career ...
Is it bad ? This is b good, for some knowingly and others unknowingly , information, and for those who caused it and their victims , as well as others is wrong ... We must therefore support , choose those who do wrong, because making the wrong do well ... and besides there is a chance of catching up to such , and only in such a situation , moonlighting and maintain such a state , that is, harm , impunity , prosper ...



Procreation , work , including education , communications , governance , health care, must be only generating - versatile : qualitatively , quantitatively - the benefits investment , not a cause , including sometimes extensively , problems, damage , loss , plunge !

People , our species should be perfect and not degenerate .
The investment in a profit or a loss ...
You should invest , and do not waste , to gain , not lose - constructively to encourage , mobilize , and not destructive warp , demoralize .
We invest in people value, ie high value , positive high potential to develop them , use the crop to pass on their valuable genes , the potential offspring , so as not to lose their possibility and profits , and not in individuals with low values ​​, low , the harmful potential, unproductive , harmful (because it provides a lot of emotion ... because it is guided directly envy ... because of the insane demands , requiring it to conduct the other way around , so , genetically or / and environmentally conditioned utopian mind ... , I demand that psychopaths , idiots ; utopians ... ) .

YOU CAN NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM WITHOUT THE REMOVAL OF REASONS ! And the essence of the problems are , directly , indirectly , in a conscious , unconscious , conscious , unconscious , their creators ... !

As such , that is , as always, on the contrary - unfortunately - always - the order has mse hierarchy in societies : 1 destruktorzy / psychopaths , 2 limiters / morons , 3 rozwojowcy / wybitmi ...

POSITIVE selection procreative / comprehensive improvement of our species ( proceedings in accordance with the Laws of Nature ) and POSITIVE selection to occupy important positions , thus filling them with persons with a high positive potential , competent , including reasonable , guided by common sense , reason , and therefore a logical procedure , depth , and so , indeed, ethical , or as far-sighted ; SYSTEM REASONABLY - THIS IS tHE ONLY EFFECTIVE WAY to address , inter alia, human problems !
How does it enter , since almost all businessmen , rulers , owners and employees of the media, so-called . mass will be against it ? - For example, start with this : You have to "in some way ... " post , in the form of visual and sound , the evening news program TVP1, TVN and other stations on the main web information portals , print more or / and add it as a flyer the so-called . multipliers writings , and , by analogy, to inform the citizens of other countries:
Constructive - commonly zmilczana , and made ​​known for many years , among others, all Members , editorial writings - an alternative to current , comprehensive , destruction : Rational Polish People's Government www.racjonalnyrzad.pl
[ And add text above the dashed line . ]

Vote no on the parties and on the rational projects . Settlement date implementation of election commitments ( if someone does not fulfill his duties , it has to lose a job, and do not continue idleness , harm , drift ) .

No trwońmy measures do not waste time , creativity , intellect , do not waste potential , because they are designed for target dziabania us , fruitlessly or effects disproportionate to the effort , take , absorb , absorb the effects of the measures , which results in further problems . Only removes the cause !

Abnormal people can thrive only among abnormal people , in abnormal situations. Normal people can thrive only among normal people , in normal situations.
Genes are demanding creation of favorable conditions for their carrier - purveyor ( if we allow for procreation , birth of psychopaths , morons , insane individuals , the sick, the handicapped , such individuals will create the world suitable for their own prosperity , including the transfer of their genes , so is mse degeneration , destruction , regression ... If we make positive selection procreative , people positive , wise , normal, healthy, high favorable potential will create the world for their own prosperity , so will have mse development, improvement, prosperity ) .

Because this psychopaths , retarded individuals , abnormal , not normal people , positive , outstanding , always govern , so taken are not wise , beneficial , only absurd , harmful, bad decisions , and as a result of their implementation , inter alia, 's birth are not healthy, outstanding, comely , only individuals sick, handicapped , retarded , psychotic , ugly, instead of comprehensive improvement, creation of the world is getting better mse versatile because procreative , to perform important functions , negative selection , resulting in a comprehensive , because physical including mental retardation, including intellectual degeneracy comprehensive harm , destruction , drift , because only those individuals , but in this state carry them , because only in such - abnormal - can thrive under abnormal individuals ... !



Please think about : Is the world a normal , well , well ... , and yet the rulers are normal , wise , good ... ; whether the systems used so far have proven to be beneficial (or what so far is considered good, is it really ) ... so what are guided by members of the media , politicians zmilczając me nierealizując my whole analyzed , reported , far-sighted , and so deeply , that is, in fact , ethical proposals , projects, and what brought on lead ... what guided me Supporter and choosing their voters , which , effectively discourages constructivism , but equally effective , encourage , award-winning , destruction ...
So who should - always - make people , including lay down rules , norms, values ​​, laws ...
Only a small fraction of the population are people with appropriate potential to be a competent voter , and an even smaller fraction are people who can take appropriate decisions * .
* How to recognize that the proposal , the project is rational? - After that NOBODY is able to her , it factually , rationally, to challenge ( and so it IS my proposals , projects ) .



The work is aimed at effectively as possible , with the least side effects reasonably satisfy the legitimate needs ( and does not provide, at the power at any cost, any cost, maintenance ( since there are benefits ), increasing the GDP).

It turns out that the rich , happy , happy we are to be , not when we're healthy , wise , righteous , good , wise , attractive , safe , live in a clean , healthy , rich in varied wildlife environment , have a reasonably useful , including permanent and the possibility of recovery of raw materials , things only when everything is contaminated, all poisoned , the sick, the suffering , the handicapped , retarded , moronic , psychopathic , ugly , without the natural , raw materials, and anything, because I will be with you or how to produce . ..
I have shown extreme absurdity possible , harm performance objectives so far ... !
even otherwise
They end up all the resources , everything is contaminated , all are poisoned , more and more people are sick , physically , psychologically , mentally , intellectually crippled, rising prices , long, and what they do utopians ? - They want to increase production , extension dogorywania people sick , reproduction by people sick, sterile , increasing overcrowding (because it is abnormal for their minds , moral ) ... zmilczają right person , constructive , conscious , with a high positive potential; ignore our , through thought ; demonstrated constructive proposals ... !

The utopian economies include problems resulting from a production wants to be resolved by the next production ( produced effects of avalanches ! ) ...
The procedure is absurdly utopian , on the contrary, some problems are replaced by the next ( produced effects of avalanches ! ) ...
For example, when people get sick because of prokonsumpcyjnej production , and therefore resulting from this contamination , poisoning include opens another contaminants , toxic production of medicines , medical equipment , and because the so-called . health care also contributes to the contamination , poisoning , infection , infections , damage to genes , the so-called immunization . microbial drugs , no to the production of medicines , medical equipment increases ... and as they grow spending on so-called . health care, no to grow long , poverty . How to grow long , poverty, no it arrives patients ...
The water is contaminated , not include produced bottle and pours water into them , and then sell . And because the production of bottles , bottles of water transport , the sale , use are associated with the exploitation of deposits , the burning of oil, the production of garbage, and so -contamination , poisoning, is not it -contamination , poisoning increases, and if the contamination , poisoning grows , it produces no more bottles ...
When robs raw materials , their rapidly wanes , as they quickly wanes , well, their price increases as their price increases , everything becomes more expensive , like everything gets more expensive , well, growing expenses , debts , poverty, and the growing expenses , debts, poverty, not include even faster robs raw materials ...
Not to mention car accidents, wars for resources. Etc., etc. As a result, expenses grow too long , poverty, let's borrow even more money, and how to borrow even more money , the more they grow long , poverty ... How to grow long , poverty , well, m . al. increase the number of so-called msc . work to increase GDP, and increases as the number of so-called msc . work, not a growing rate of robbing raw materials -contamination , poisoning, spending on the effects of long poverty ...
And as the growing number and size of the problems , not include increased spending and the rising expenses , it does not grow long , poverty , and therefore increase and further problems arise . When the increase and there are further problems , I'd get them even more increases , replaced by the next problem ...



Before the project is more rational ... http://www.wolnyswiat.pl/20h5.html

Ignorance , misunderstanding and consequent behave , conduct brings a huge amount of damage , loss , in the form of natural , disasters , plagues , contributes to the harm , injustice , suffering, misery and problems. Etc. Thus, it is necessary to educate , raise awareness of people.
But you can not wait to positive actions until an eye ... the concept of the effects of the current procedure ( a significant proportion of people do not know and do not want anything to know, understand ... ! ) , So you need to constructively work well in most eyebrow (...) - is the duty of people aware and responsible towards the other , the need to preserve the remnants of life, including our species on Earth ! People without understanding , without a proper knowledge , aptitudes , abilities, control emotions , herd instinct , warped , corrupted , manipulated , short-sighted , selfish , ignorant , irresponsible , can not affect the making , determining the fate of others, decisions!
To this must be added the fact that a significant proportion of people unknowingly suffer from a syndrome of self-destruction , losing ( like he wants for himself well, but everything is done so that it was wrong to live the accompanying strong negative emotions ) . A manifested include gambling , nicotine , alcohol , drugs , nutritional degeneractwem , avoidance of useful information , reasonable thinking , understanding , knowledge, achieving a higher level of consciousness, and issuing his mind on the destructive impact of psychopaths , idiots , scoundrels ( PDK ) working , * appearing in the media , and as a result , inter alia, making , as a voter , bad choices , with the consequences. So they want to suffer, lose, lose , bad even for yourself! A significant portion of the human population is even psychopathic , or want it to others ! There are also individuals who want badly both for themselves and for others!

* If you are exposed to , visual , audible , including verbal interaction of the individual (then about him , what it does mean is unconsciously analyzes , codes ) with low , negative , negative , harmful , potential, it occurs to a lesser or greater extent , the timing of his own mind, the components of his personality , affirmation , emanation , of the effects , including the transmission of the following persons ( as , among others, spreading smoking , alcoholism , drug addiction, religion , begging (not always the street , for example, because of entitlement from the state ) , tedious tics, habits , behavior, in this example, issuing, causing sounds , harassment vision, conduct , mental illness ) !



Inalienable right of obviousness : If people were normal , good , then the world would be normal, dobrze.. . / If the world was normal, well , then people would be normal, good.
The victim utopian , as everything around , emotionally believe that there are so existing situation , and so its change is like the destruction of the conditions of their creation - feel the fear of change and a fondness for existing conditions , because if it is thanks to him there , that they are good, and only allow the continuation of what is good, that is, the transfer of the offspring ...
They have over the years just comprehensively adjusts the mind to such a fact, it encoded , and can not imagine a different situation . As an analogy I give this example : Poorly designed , dilapidated , poorly managed, sinking ship float , about birth passengers . Swims up to them well-designed , in good condition and properly managed ship . His captain suggests change trains , but those who have ruled this sinking ship can no longer make decisions , so their supporters also lose profit . And passengers also prefer to sink than to change , because : the new ship does not have any holes that the water is poured , and they have , and thus have a job - its pouring . The new vessel is made ​​of stainless steel , so painters, restorers also will not have jobs. And instead of the steam engine , where the furnace burns with podług boards , doors, cabins , etc. , so that the extractor and burners have a job , he has sails , so it is driven by the wind. Etc. Not only that . This is not talking much publicly , showing there is a captain , only normal person , smart, competent, and so hardly anyone has a chance to get to the gig , and even to help. So again is dull . And as if that was not enough, this decision shall be reasonable, and not according to the whims of the majority. So most of the passengers would feel undervalued , discriminated against , disadvantaged. NO, on the strangeness , otherness , abnormalities, harm , NOBODY will not agree !

Inalienable right of human , practically , LOGIC : There is no chance that due to existing wizards reality was different , because it is what it is, just for their cause !

Inalienable right of normalcy SUCCESS : Normality , goodness can create only normal, righteous , outstanding people . So that was a normal, well , you have to give birth and shape of normal , with a high positive potential of people! Otherwise NEVER be different than it is for the people ... Because abnormal low , the harmful potential, among other things , the abnormality is normal, beneficial, and they consider abnormal normality , the inclement ... !
If the current behavior of mankind is correct, the good , the people are wise , good , rulers are suitable to perform this function in human beings , how in the world is so much stupidity , nonsense , nonsense - why are taught and realized utopias - the suffering , misery , tragedies , atrocities , catastrophes , disasters , plagues , evil ...
What will give even the most perfect law , which governs most outstanding work even if by birth individuals will continually low , the harmful potential ...
Every second, thousands of degenerates , psychopaths , morons corrupts , perverts , encourages harmful preparing meals , eating harmful food products , to buy things unnecessary , harmful , pulls in a habit ( exposing the teaching of contributing to the dissemination of selling drugs encouraging the poisoning ) , infects diseases , including venereal , religiosity , stealing , damaging the body , stressing , muddles , manipulated , damaged psyche , pollutes , poisons and contributes to diseases and contributes to the expenses, debts , losses, problems , damages genes and reduces the potential , is the cause of suffering , misery , tragedy , atrocities , disasters , plagues , plunging thousands of people !



GOVERNING LAW - it is right above all others , which if necessary surrenders , in a further step , this FIRST ! , It is guided by the highest Goodness ; action in depth , and so , indeed, ethical , far-sighted , to THE REAL good , and therefore from the point of view of society NORMAL , taking into account the state of the environment , resources, capacity of the ecosystems of lives , including our children , and so it is taking care of the highest quality , among others, our species , the environment, of resources , of nature.

MASTER 'S VOICE - the voice of the people is outstanding , and so deeply , that is, indeed, ethical , far-sighted , decision-maker , after a comprehensive analysis of such reasoning . Such a vote can be challenged only in substance ( if such a person loses the status of a prominent person ) !

I take care of describing reality , most of the other shows about her , instilled , imitated , approved , current / only right , idea , its interpretation (people not thinking , so nierozumiejące , not requesting , do not use reason , so do not rely on assessments on the analysis , ie, logical reasoning , facts , reality , only the image , declarations , circulation assessments , manage emotions , the voice of the majority, imitation ( herd instinct ) ) ...

Rationalism - this is logical , rational analysis of data (receiving the message, and use of research results , experiences ) , to deduce , draw conclusions , reasonable , thoughtful approach; are cool , on a human scale , the logic (often inspired intuition - a trained in drawing accurate conclusions of the mind ) (and thus free of the absurd dogmas , prejudices , stud pressure ) ; profound , far-sighted (hence for the remaining incomprehensible , inconceivable ... ) ethics aimed at the maximum wide- aspect , thus covering the entire space and far term, the good of all lives (preserving sense ) .
So it is also the ability to output in an objective, independent , ie the real (over emotional , cultural , etc.) , hierarchy of values ​​, and consistent to the proceedings .

Because they were then, and only then are important , wise , they're right ...
Movie Actors , writers , editors , inventors , scientists, politicians and representatives of other professions , profiles , activities are not , they should not be in the interest of everyone, including themselves , media showmanami because I did not post it over the years acquired the knowledge, skills , shaped their minds to przeprofilowywać them - learning , including the text , facial expressions , gestures , preparing for meetings, live related stress , spend the time. They are something else - according to his profile psyche, the type and level of mind , knowledge, skills, abilities , aptitudes , competencies , what professionally , in accordance with their interests , passions , sense of duty , the mission involved . They also have the right to anonymity . Since the occurrence of the media are people who have predispositions and this is their profession - they are such forms of information, present new solutions , etc. But really spectacular form of presentation so important , and therefore serious issues is one of the b big mistakes in our civilization . Because of this should be - Normally , substantial background - films for which the materials should provide , inter alia, listed specialists .
So people should be - only in a manner substantially justified or not - respectively marginalized / socially promoted , and not on the basis of media attention / spectacular ! Because the effects of the latter are terrible ... !
Please using memory and other verbally present their abilities although 10 % and in a way , although in 10% substantial example of these materials ( I also ABSOLUTELY not have done it ) ... :
GOOD THOUGHTS , ANALYSIS, CONCLUSIONS ( kompentium my writings www.wolnyswiat.pl ) (part 1)
And it is just a tiny fraction of all the materials ...



Are the politicians are from the occurrence in the media, talking, doing a good impression of whether a constructive action , achieving positive results , which should say the same thing for it?
Evaluated according EFFECTS , not on the basis of his position as someone often occurs in the media, is quoted (ie, because of what someone is popular - achieved , in fact , that after an overall assessment , the positive effects , if only because the acting performances ,- media * ) ( know a psychopath , retard , scumbag after effects of his actions ) !
* Is such draft laws prepared by the same Act adopts a TV studio , radio ... Is the discussion to the audience , the audience , the same assumption can be sincere ... Are politicians do not have a place to discuss, work ... Is dealing with projections engaging in it , programming it , mind, devoting the time , creativity , energy , the so-called . policies becomes kompetentniejszy (and yet the more there is , the masses think that the more competent, and not vice versa ) ...

For the masses KEY information is how many of them support the person, the proposal - because the work the herd instinct , and when he ulegnięciu team awards ...

One of the pitfalls of utopian thought in the system , that is where everything is the opposite: if someone is on an important position , and / or present in the media, a lot of money , ie that is the authority , and so you know , can do more , is right .. . and , similarly , if someone is not important position , or is not present in the media, has little money, ie that there is an authority , and therefore does not know can not more , not right ...

What is the difference between rational thinking from emotional ( herd ) :
Rational : I do not care what position a person holds what others think about him , which declares on which it relies , only what it does , what it contributes , which is achieved !
Emotional ( gregarious ) : I do not care ( no wonder ) what someone is doing , to which it contributes , which is achieved only what is the position in the hierarchy of what others think about him , which declares on which it relies.
What are the consequences of thinking , conduct, emotional ( herd ) . Now, using this phenomenon , which is exactly what allows you to use , first prepare an appropriate , emotional arguments of their actions , so that the liked , and then do what they want (and this is , among others, democracy) ...
For example, if the depletion of raw materials, fleecing them for future generations , the poisoning of wildlife , environmental -contamination , poisoning people , degenerated our species , contributing to diseases , including massive spending on so-called ... health care, death , destruction of life on Earth , indebtedness , unimaginable enrichment absolutely selfish , short-sighted individuals at the expense of almost everyone, everything, including the future, contributing to poverty, death from starvation , muddles , manipulation , exploitation dark masses, destructive dictatorship (...) , etc. - it is called , respectively, democracy , or co-governing citizens (formally, through their representatives ) , economic freedom , competition , development of civilization , prevention of poverty, respect for life , the elementary right to have their own children , care, struggle with independent , blameless from the ruling , crisis , creating jobs msc , etc. , it's all right ...
If reasonable - reasonable , through thoughtful , far-sighted , profoundly , and so , indeed, ethical - the proposals is called: selection, euthanasia , reduction of overcrowding , economics rational , constructive (eg , contrary to the selfish and short-sighted interests of castes ; ACTUAL trying to save lives on Earth ) dictatorship (current - comprehensively destructive - bankiersko - business - party- media dictatorship called democracy is - as you can see - good ... ) - it's bad ...

Religiosity is the result of insanity - one normal does not think , does not act , do not act , does not work , and does not think he's all right, that 's right ... !
" Without the Catholic religion, the Church of Poles lose their identity , they will perish ! " ... Is that include because of religion , the Church of Poles lose their identity, die !
Rationalists : Alter the size of our population to the carrying capacity of ecosystems / Nature , Planet.
Catholics : " Multiply and make themselves subjected to the Earth . " - Said the Lord !

R. Let breed only healthy people , normal, intelligent , prettily , with high positive values ​​; doskonalmy , not degenerujmy our species ; Prevention , among others, in this way, the root causes of problems , losses, disasters , tragedy , suffering, misery , atrocities .
K : People handicapped , the sick, the suffering , unhappy are close to the Lord, beloved to Him ! Some positive selection procreative , improving our species is podjudy Satan !

R.: Invest Rationally , including renewable energy sources ( eg wind- power pumping and water , geothermal ) , of course with economic fundamentals and not dotujmy coal mining for energy purposes.
K. pays priests obdarowujmy Catholic Church , let us build churches , shrines , etc. !

R.: Defend to constructively us act , including us support constructivists , rozwiązujmy problems and prevention .
K. : All authority comes from God ! Pogódźmy , because it is divine punishment , let us pray , wait for the coming of our Lord ; coming Kingdom of God !

R.: Expanding our knowledge about things positively useful ; develop intellectually ; doskonalmy our minds .
K. : Czytajma Scripture Swint and słuchajma ksiundzów !

R.: Let us spread rationalism .
K. Let us spread the religion !

Etc., etc. ...